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Wireless security system for long boundaries over terrain, oil and gas pipelines and the perimeters of high-security facilities
Outpost-DUAL SENSE is a reliable, autonomous, simple and flexible integrated solution for the rapid deployment of security lines (point-type, linear, site-based, including complex configurations), where a power supply and communications are not available.
The complex comprises small-sized wireless means of detection, based on different physical principles, and connected by a single digital two-way radio channel, which can be used to send and receive warning and service information (messages about periodical self-diagnosis of all elements) to the operator panel, and to control operations of the complex remotely.


An unprecedented battery-life from small-size autonomous power sources:
•seismic means of detection – up to 5 years;
• radio beam and infrared – up to 3 years.
Protection of facilities if wire-based solutions can not be used, including in mountains.
Its small weight and dimension characteristics, and simplicity to install, allow two specialists to deploy
1 km of security boundaries within 1 hour.
Elements of the Outpost DUAL SENSE can be integrated into any existing security systems at the software and hardware levels.
Wireless transmission of information using a two-way radio channel to a distance of up to 100 km with the guaranteed delivery of warning messages.
High performance characteristics of detection devices.
Savings on the cost of design, assembly, and used materials due to the lack of power and communication lines, and previous engineering preparation of the area.

Typical solutions

1. Protection of approaches to high-security objects
2. Protection of route equipment
3. Control of the route of personnel and machinery
4. Protection of above-ground pipeline crossings
5. Determination of the moving direction of a perpetrator
6. Preventing the unsanctioned siphoning of oil product

Detection equipment

Univeral radio alerter
Directional radio alerter
Radio beam radio alerter
TV radio alerter
Thermal imaging radio alerter


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