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Outpost Mobile Security - a system of multi-functional mobile devices for urgently assigning the tasks and remotely controlling personnel at the facility


The unified monitoring and personnel control center with ready-made integration into the PSIM system
Control of personnel location. Recording of working time of personnel when performing field-work at remote or extensive facilities
Issue individual assignments and messages to each employee
Labor safety ensurance by the urgent detection of hazardous substances in work areas and by continuously monitoring of the ongoing health status of each employee
Control over the deadline and evaluation of assignments
Possibility to send SOS message to the monitoring center in case of emergency
Flexible modular platform. A set of functions can be added and combined depending on the customer's tasks and requirements

How it works

Operator work station (WS)
Smart watch
Hazards measuring unit
Communications service provider
Personal body cam

Smart watch specifications

• Communications: GSM/GPRS, NB-IoT, Bluetooth.
• Measuring the pulse and body temperature.
• Receving assignments, messages, warning signals and reminders.
• Sending SOS messages.
• Determination of location.
• Autonomous operation time: 12 y. Charge time: 30 min.
Personnel health status
Environmental condition (СО).
Controlling the charge level.

The operator forms tasks for personnel, which are automatically sent to the watch. The personnel notice the current task implementation status on the watch.

The watch can trace the location of personnel while completing a task.
If the starting time of a job does not coincide with the work location, the watch prevents an employee from beginning the work or from finishing it.

Additional options

Audio-recording of reading the commands can be preserved in the watch and sent to the operator.
The determination of personnel location inside rooms (indoor positioning) can be added to the watches. Hazard zones can be identified inside rooms, when approaching a zone, a warning signal is issued to the watch and the operator's c.
The system can be also supplemented with the function to record assignments in the electronic emergency log book when synchronizing the assignment with the watch. Personnel will start each assignment after completing a certain sequence of actions: reading a command from the watch screen, sending a message to the operator about completing a previous assignment, and completing the following assignment once a permission is obtained from operator.
• Communications: Bluetooth;
• Controlling of concentration of methane and hydrogen sulphide;
• Automatically sending an SOS message, if the permissible norms are exceeded.
• Determination of location.
• Autonomous operation time: 30 h. Charge time: 1 h.
• Is supported with the Ex-Proof certificate for the equipment used in explosive environments;
• Fits for work in coal mines and other mines, which are hazardous in terms of gas (methane) and coal dust;
• Inbuilt memory card for 128 GB;
• Inbuilt module: 4G, WiFi (2,4+5GHz) supporting online video transmission;
•Transmission of location information by GPS;
•5MP matrix, resolution 2304x1296 (30 k/s), video codecs H.264/H.265;
• Viewing angle 140°.

• Video-traffic transmission protocol RTSP, ONVIF;
• Inbuilt microphone;
• Recording and work indication, on/off and start-recording with one button;
• Infrared lighting;
• Sturdy metal clamp;
• Casing protected against dust and moisture IP67;
• Connected external storage battery for 5200mAh.


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