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A distributed fiber-optic system for the vibroacoustic
and thermal monitoring of wells
The OUTPOST-SMART WELL system helps optimise the production of hydrocarbons and keeps well operation costs low. Given its relatively low expenses the system ensures a high performance and quick cost recovery.


The system allows the use of one fiber and one fiber-optic cable for the purposes of thermal and vibroacoustic monitoring
The system ensures a continuous 24/7 data acquisition from each meter throughout the length of the placed optic fiber cable
It is simple to install and operate
Fully protected against fire or explosions
Causes no electromagnetic interference, and is totally immune to it
A cost-effective solution to replace thousands of point sensors

Notable Features

Monitoring of injection wells
• Improving the flooding efficiency, and evaluating the injectivity profile
• Optimising the formation pressure support system
• Monitoring the technical conditions of the well and downhole equipment
Monitoring the vibroacoustic field
• Selecting the well operation modes
• Monitoring the formation depletion behaviour
• Analysing the performance of formations in unspecified conditions
Monitoring the gas wells
• Monitoring the technical conditions of the well and downhole equipment
• Determining the intervals between water breakthrough and hydrate formation
• Determining the formation rates and maintaining a stable gas influx
• Calculating the paraffin loss and determining the sand production interval
• Choosing the quantity of methanol to prevent hydrate formation
• Detection of liquid condensate at the bottom opposite perforation intervals
Monitoring the producing wells using the gas-lift method
• Evaluating the well performance
• Monitoring the wellbore unloading process
• Identifying issues related to downhole equipment
Monitoring the producing wells
using multi-stage fracturing or by installing an electrical submersible pump
• Optimising the multi-stage fracturing design to improve the well development efficiency
• Evaluating the flow profile after completing the multi-stage fracturing - determination of work cycles
• Evaluating the flow profile without carrying out a field geophysical survey for multizone reservoirs
• Ensuring the possibility to carry out surveys in horizontal wells
• Determining the intervals between water and gas breakthrough
• Monitoring the technical conditions of the well and downhole equipment
• Sends data about response thresholds that have been exceeded
• Localisation and monitoring of downhole processes

How it works

Operator work station (WS)
Well 2
Well 1
WDM splitter
Temperature monitoring
Vibroacoustic monitoring system
Well profile
Well profile

Detection equipment

Univeral radio alerter
Directional radio alerter
Radio beam radio alerter
TV radio alerter
Thermal imaging radio alerter


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