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Professional CCTV-monitoring and video-control software platform intended for the development of integrated security systems
OUTPOST-VMS provides for the effective implementation of four security tasks, which are relevant for any facility
Situational monitoring of the situation and integrated control of the infrastructure
An enhanced response to emergency situations
Creating a data base of reliable audio-visual and analytical information
Detection of events leading to the occurance of threats


Reliability and protection
• Continuous operation and a fail safe
• Optimised use of the security system resources
• Fail safe data storage
• A high level of security for information systems
• Control of system operability
• Implementation of individual solutions, taking into account the details of the specific technological and business process of the customer, the infrastructural specific features of each facility, and the current
• Precise adjustment of the system using developed interface tools and automation means
• Building multi-level configurations, which are flexibly scaled according to the current security requirements and tasks of the control objects
• Step-by-step building of an additional functionality while maintaining the standard operation mode
Improved functionality
• Developed complex of video-analytics modules, integration mechanisms, automation means, interfacing facilities, service subsystems, which ensure the implementation of a constantly-operating security environment of any complexity level.
• Continuous modernization of the product to fit the changing requirements
Centralized control and management
• Centralized administration from any location in the security environment
• Individual adjustments of each element of the system (subsystem, facility, component and tool) and of the access level to it for a user/groups of users

How it works

On-site surveillance equipment
Video services
Operator work station (WS) of a third-party system
Video-wall encoder
WS operator
WS adminstrator
Monitoring center


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