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Integrated security systems. Cases

We offer comprehensive support at all project phases to achieve maximum protection.
A complex approach is important in ensuring security at any facility, which should help avoid "security gaps" at interfaces of different systems and guarantee a synergistic effect from working together.

Using integrated security systems allows for several tasks to be dealt with simultaneously, including:
  • controlling the traffic of people and machinery within an established perimeter;
  • differentiating the levels of access to the facility;
  • significantly enhancing the performance of guards, minimising the human factor risk;
  • substantially improving the level of protection and security at the facility.

Depending on the customer's budget and requirements, our specialists will choose a personalised solution with an optimal package of components to fit the main and unique parameters of the facility, including geography, purpose, area etc.

Such approach will enable the customer not only to receive a high-quality and functional security system, but also to optimise its cost used to install protection systems against the unauthorised access, theft or damage of property and against other undesirable or illegal actions.

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