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"Digital border"

Border control has been a task of national importance, ever since the time that the first states emerged. Nowadays, the territorial boundaries of any country are almost continuously exposed to a number of illegal activities, including:

  • importing of contraband, substances and items, which are prohibited for circulation;
  • illegal migration;
  • infiltration by terrorist groups.
The control and protection of a state's borders should be tailored to fit its specifics:
  • Long perimeters, which are often located in terrains without any engineering infrastructures;
  • Human factor, reducing the number of border guards;
  • Various technical means deployed for the protection of state borders;
  • Technical competence and equipment of intruders.
Our company implements large-scale turn-key projects to provide intergrated security.
"Digital border" is an example of a concept, which was developed by the company on the basis of its independent R&D and best world practices.
"Digital border" combines several advantages:

  • Complex approach to formulating a solution: the company answers for the final result, not for separate sub-systems;
  • Unified platform to manage all hardware based on the state-of-the-art Class C4I software: control, management, computation, communication and reconnaissance;
  • Automation of processes to control the current situation, and a decision-making support system;
  • Possibilities for scaling up and integration.

"Digital border"
The "Digital border" complex includes such systems as:
Stationary perimeter security systems, as the basic physical means to control the border crossing;
Autonomous security systems used to arrange temporary boundaries or to control the perimeter at hard-to-reach border areas;
Radars used to control the border and access to it;
Systems of audio-warnings and security lighting;
Communications systems, especially radio-channel systems, used to establish communications between individual technical units, military personnel and command centers;
CCTV and video-analysis systems to control the equipped sections of the border and to deploy independent security systems;
Data storage and processing center to deploy the unified integrated software platform and to ensure 24/7 operations;
Class C4I unified software platform to deploy and coordinate the control centers at all levels: guard duty, outpost, squad, situation room.
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