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Security of pipelines and pipeline-route equipment

– Integrated security systems in the oil and gas sector –
Oil and gas facilities are on the list of facilities whose safety requirements are regulated by federal laws and state industrial safety regulations.
Ensuring adequate protection of oil-and-gas processing, transshipping and storage facilities is essential and a priority for their owners.
Oil-and-gas facilities are exposed to the following threats:
  • Incidents at main pipelines or at pipeline route equipment;
  • Unlawful acts to steal the product (tie-ins) and property.
All this can result not only in a significant economic damage, but also in severe environmental consequences, e.g. spills of oil and oil products spoil the environment, which in turn creates an additional negative effect on the financial and image-building components of the facility owner.

Often, oil-and-gas communications can have typically not only an extensive length, which is comparable with the length of borders of some states, they can also be located in hard-to-reach places including in terrains with harsh climates, therefore, measures to organise monitoring and protection should be put in place as a single package.

Our solution for an integrated security provision includes:

  • Pipeline integrity monitoring throughout its length using the leakage-detection and activity-control system, Outpost-DAS;
  • Security arrangements for remote crane sites using autonomous security complexes including communications by the fibre optic channel Outpost-DAS;
  • Intergration of all hardware components into a unified information system;
  • Automation of processes to control the current situation, and a decision making support system.

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