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Perimeter security system of an airport

Airports, airfields and other aviation facilities, primarily in civil aviation, are high-risk locations and potential targets of terrorist attacks, unauthorized tampering and other threats.

Integrated security control including perimeter security system of airports is a task of national importance.
Challenging facility features as well as the need for a round-the-clock surveillance and control at all levels should be considered in designing a high-efficiency airport perimeter security system, including the following:

  • Continuous flow of aircrafts, specialised machinery and other traffic;
  • Movement of huge human traffic, including passengers and airport personnel, as well as different-size cargoes;
  • Long perimeter and complicated facility geometry;
  • A high probability of emergencies, including those caused by the human factor.
Охрана периметра аэропорта (Outpost-ZB и Outpost-DAS)
Охрана периметра аэропорта (Outpost-ZB и Outpost-DAS)
Outpost-ZB fiber-optic guarding complex
Outpost-DAS camouflaged fiber-optic guarding complex
Designing two security boundaries by means of combining the Outpost-ZB and Outpost-DAS security systems, taking all listed specific features into account, is an optimal option for arranging an airport perimeter security system. Using these products jointly to safeguard the perimeter allows:
Classifying violations
Register and classify types of violations by their locations – the systems are able to identify unauthorised activities along and inside the perimeter, and register violations of the boundaries
Ensuring continuous operations
Ensure continuous operations at the guarded facility, i.e. if one system fails, the other will continue operating normally
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