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Perimeter security system
of a chemical plant

Large-scale industrial facilities have lengthy perimeters and a high level of electromagnetic and noise interference.
Such conditions hinder the operation of some technical means used in the perimeter security construction, which requires a special approach to the design of a security solution.
Not only should the specifics of industrial processes at a facility be taken into consideration, but also the legal requirements and the possibility to integrate the suggested means into a common security and enterpise-management information system.

The Outpost specialists have experience of successfully implementing a specialised safeguarding and perimeter security system developed by their own efforts for a large-scale high-security facility, i.e. a chemical plant, which is guarded by military personnel.
Second boundary – radio-beam sensor installed at a distance of 5-10 meters from the first boundary
First boundary – fiber-optic security complex Outpost-ZB
Охрана периметра аэропорта (Outpost-ZB и Outpost-DAS)
Following the specifications, an optimal solution was developed based on the Outpost-ZB system and the partner's radio-beam sensors to ensure operations of two perimeter security system boundaries and integration with the CCTV installed on the perimeter.
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