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Perimeter security system for a fuel and lubricants storage facility

A majority of production and industrial storage facilities are not classified as facilities with special security requirements. However, emergencies and accidents, which may occur in their territories if an adequate security system is not in place, can result in not only economic damage for their owners, but also extensive disasters and environmental damage.
Having only a limited budget to deal with issues is a common problem in security assurance at multi-purpose storage facilities.
Quite often, a lack of resources has a negative influence on the efficacy of measures carried out to ensure security, which is especially true of large-area facilities.

We suggest a low-cost, but effective, solution for a perimeter security system to be used at a facility in an urban area. This includes a perimeter security system for a storage facility, i.e. Outpost-ZB, – the substantial advantage of which is its low-cost commissioning and operation.
Outpost-ZB fiber-optic guarding complex

As the complex is resistant to interferences, typical of its urban environment, the number of false alarms is minimal, which improves the efficiency of security guards.

Furthermore, since the system's sensitive element installed on the perimeter does not need any maintenance, it significantly minimises the resources spent to operate the system and makes the facility perimeter security system cost-friendly.

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